Effective July 31, 2023, Richard Costa has retired from Costa & Riccio LLP after nearly 50 years as an attorney. Richard started his law practice as a sole practitioner in 1979. He joined with Laurie Riccio, his longtime Associate, to establish Costa & Riccio LLP in 2008. The practice has been limited exclusively to business, academic, and family immigration.

Effective August 1, 2023, Laurie Riccio has continued the practice of immigration law along with Attorneys Ellen Davey-Fleming and Amara Neng, and the rest of our support staff in a new legal entity, Riccio & Associates, PLLC.

Riccio & Associates, PLLC is located at 10 Tremont Street, Suite 550, Boston, MA 02108.
The firm’s website is www.riccioimmigration.com.

You may contact us at the following:

Laurie Riccio: Laurie@riccioimmigration.com
Amara Neng: AmaraN@riccioimmigration.com
Ellen Davey-Fleming: EllenDF@riccioimmigration.com
Office phone: 617-742-4444

Should you wish to reach Richard Costa, his new contact information is:

email: Richard@rmcosta.com
telephone: 617-256-5057
website: www.rmcosta.com (under construction)